Hello, my name is Hillary Hamman and

I am UI/UX Designer

creating modern and responsive designs for Web and Mobile devices.

Samples of Work

I have worked for a variety of clients, ranging from retail to governement. No matter who the client, I enjoy created user friendly experiences using good layout, great design and easy to understand process flows.
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  • Government


I'm currently available for freelance work and job opportunities in the Northern Virginia Areas.

Skill Sets

I've aquired many skill sets and have worn many hats over the years.

UI/UX Designer

In the last year I have discovered my true calling as a UI/UX Designer. I am fascinated with how a user interacts with an item, and how to better that interaction through design, development and user testing. I've got my arsenal of tools but have used a wide variety of programs for testing, wireframing and researching interactions.

Front-End Developer

While I love to design I still maintain my skills as a front-end developer using new coding libraries such as bootstrap and foundation, as well as working on my Javascript skills. I do pride myself at my HTML and CSS skills, and prefer to hand code my pages. I’ve worked in several CMS as well.


Branding is a huge passion of mine. I truly thrive when I'm enhancing a brand, whether by designing a landing page, social media item or a different online interaction, it all ties back to branding. If people have a poor interaction with a piece of online marketing, they will associate the brand with that poor experience.


You can design anything, and I've had my hands in many different things, from print brochures, to logos and then into online digital media elements like banner ads, facebook applications and websites. My favorite tool is Adobe Illustrator but I am proficient at Photoshop as well.

About me

I'm a creative, quirky, outspoken person. My brain works on both the creative and the mathematical sides. It’s why I enjoy both designing and then developing those ideas; I get to flex all of my brain muscles.


My childhood dream has always been to one day be a published author. While I have some items in the works, I'm a terrible spellier.


Thrift shopping is on of my all time favorite hobbies. Its like treasure hunting, you never know what your going to find.


I believe that things happen in this world for a reason, that there i a bit of magic everywhere, you just have to look hard enough.

Tea Drinker

I'm a Tea fanatic. I love it with 3 sugars and a splash of cream.


Drop me a line, or give me a call at (540) 247-1096.